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Shady Grove at Prairie View Park

A new shady grove of trees was planted in Prairie View Park, Cedarburg by City of Cedarburg’s Forester Kevin Westphal and Arborist Matt Kettner. Eight trees, one each for the eight recipients of Cedarburg Green’s “Benefits of Trees” contest held last year during the pandemic, include Basswood, American Beech, and American Hop-hornbeam (Ironwood). 

“Selecting the Right Tree” Seminar – Video

What are the best trees for your yard? Here’s the video from Cedarburg Green’s virtual presentation given by Glenn Herold, retired Horticulture Professor. CLICK here to view the video “Selecting the Right Tree for Your Yard” which was held on Monday, February 22.


Cedarburg Green is a 501(3)c non-profit, member-based organization whose mission is to:

  • Foster a greater appreciation for Urban Forestry;
  • Beautify our public streets, boulevards and parks for the benefit of Cedarburg’s residents and visitors;
  • Promote sustainable environmental stewardship and landscape management practices; and
  • Raise and distribute private funds for the planting, care and maintenance of public trees and for other projects aligned with our goals and objectives.

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