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Volunteer to be a CITIZEN FORESTER – Saturday, April 30 • 8 AM – 1 PM

Cedarburg Green is hosting its FIRST Community Tree Planting Day on Saturday, April 30, 8 am – 1 PM in the Cedar Pointe subdivision. We’re looking for a few Citizen Foresters to lead bare root tree planting teams. Training will be provided. CLICK TO VOLUNTEER.


Cedarburg Green receives 2022 Innovations Award

“This is the most successful, most comprehensive awareness campaign I have seen anywhere nationwide,” said Olivia Witthun, Department of Natural Resources (DNR) East Central Regional Urban Forestry Coordinator. Witthun joined Jordan Skiff, Wisconsin Urban Forestry Council Representative to present Cedarburg Green the 2022 Innovations in Urban Forestry award for its “2020 Focus on Trees” awareness campaign.

“For every dollar Cedarburg Green received from a 2020 DNR grant, over thirteen and one half dollars was spent by your community on its trees,” continued Witthun. “I am here to commend Cedarburg Green for initiating this project and completing it; and I commend you, the city leaders, for listening to what Cedarburg Green had to say and following through.”

In 2020, Cedarburg’s tree replacement budget was $0 urging the Mayor to declare 2020 the year to “Focus on Trees”. Aided by the DNR grant, Cedarburg Green implemented a multifaceted public awareness and tree planting campaign that included fund raising, tree sales, passive community outreach, grant writing, educational activities for all ages, and media attention. 

“This wasn’t really that hard to do,” said Jeanne Mueller, Cedarburg Green volunteer and developer of the campaign, “Remember, people won’t care until they are aware…all our ‘focus on trees’ campaign did was engage and educate…people did most of the work by getting outside and reading the tree benefits tags we hung on some of our main street trees; students entered our “Benefits of Trees” art and writing contest with eight winners each receiving a tree planted in a shady grove; over 120 people joined us in 2020 (in-person) and 2021 (via Zoom) to learn how to select the right tree for their yard; over 30 people joined us (in a pandemic year) on a Tree Walk led by Glenn Herold, a retired horticulture professor; hundreds of bare root trees were purchased by homeowners through our Bare Root Tree Sale; and most important, Cedarburg’s Common Council approved a 2021 budget adding $30,000 for tree planting and $50,000 for stump grinding to care for its urban forest valued at $10.5 million.”

Cedarburg Green is a non-profit organization formed for neighbors to support urban forestry in Cedarburg. The Innovations in Urban Forestry award recognizes a community, individual, association, or organization exhibiting outstanding innovations in the development or enhancement of an urban forestry project or program. This award specifically recognizes the creativity, commitment, and success of urban forestry efforts.


Cedarburg Green is a 501(3)c non-profit, member-based organization whose mission is to:

  • Foster a greater appreciation for Urban Forestry;
  • Beautify our public streets, boulevards and parks for the benefit of Cedarburg’s residents and visitors;
  • Promote sustainable environmental stewardship and landscape management practices; and
  • Raise and distribute private funds for the planting, care and maintenance of public trees and for other projects aligned with our goals and objectives.


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