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Walk Along Washington Video

Enjoy this brief “Walk Along Washington” video visit to 19 of Cedarburg’s trees. Along the way, learn about the economic value as well as many other benefits these trees provide.

Annually, this small sample of 19 trees intercept 28,263 gallons of water runoff, reduce CO2 by 14,422 pounds, and save 3,921 kWh of electricity which equals a reduction of $297.61 on electric bills. Appraised value of these few trees is $42,150 with annual economic benefits of $2,399.


Cedarburg Green is a 501(3)c non-profit, member-based organization whose mission is to:

  • Foster a greater appreciation for Urban Forestry;
  • Beautify our public streets, boulevards and parks for the benefit of Cedarburg’s residents and visitors;
  • Promote sustainable environmental stewardship and landscape management practices; and
  • Raise and distribute private funds for the planting, care and maintenance of public trees and for other projects aligned with our goals and objectives.

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