A Word about Cedarburg Green

I still remember the early stirrings of what eventually led to my involvement with Cedarburg Green.  My family had recently moved here and I was on a walk with my daughter.  We noticed the woods behind the elementary school she would eventually attend (Parkview) and decided to explore.  Amid the tangle of invasive plants we were delighted to discover many species of native Wisconsin woodland plants holding their own.  This was a special place, and I felt inspired to try and protect it.

At first this desire evoked a dream of owning my own land to care for, but soon grew to an appreciation of this community’s many public natural areas and the opportunity to care for them.  I began exploring options and while not lacking enthusiasm, quickly recognized this wasn’t something to be accomplished alone. By the time I heard about an informational meeting for Cedarburg Green I had begun working on many self-directed projects but was also feeling my limits.  How could this interest be shared?

Over the years I’ve discovered that more people than I realized share this interest, yet like all growing things, relational networks take time.  We’ve take some big steps!  We learned of the Rotary Club’s goal of planting a tree for every member and partnered with them on our project in Westlawn Woods.  Congregations were also approached in recognition of the 500thanniversary of the Reformation, and the endowment funds of Trinity and Faith Lutheran Churches made donations.  Over $6000 was raised for planting over 250 trees, culminating in a planting day on April 28, 2018 that brought together over 50 people! Our work continued in planting 12 trees at Willowbrooke Park in May of 2019, bringing lasting beauty to this beloved community space. In 2020, Cedarburg Green received an $11,000 grant from the DNR to create its “2020 Focus on Trees” awareness campaign which, in 2022, won the 2022 Innovations in Urban Forestry Award.

Watching parents and children, neighbors and volunteers, teachers and community leaders gather on to plant trees reminds me of the network we share.  Like Wisconsin woodlands or other natural communities, something special has been growing here.  These relationships foster better stewardship of the places that revitalize our community. Your interests and gifts are making a difference!  Our board is always seeking new members to shape this important work.  Perhaps you or someone you know may be interested! Whether you serve in this capacity or by making a donation, planting a tree or volunteering, you are part of a growing movement that is making our community a better place for all.  Thank you!

John Norquist


The mission of Cedarburg Green, Inc. is to:

  • Foster appreciation and support for Community Forestry for the benefit of Cedarburg residents and visitors
  • Beautify our public streets, boulevards, and parks
  • Promote sustainable environmental stewardship and landscape management practices
  • Raise and distribute private funds for the planting, care and maintenance of public trees and for other projects aligned with our goals and objectives.


The community plays a large part in helping to keep our neighborwoods healthy. Cedarburg Green encourages you to adopt the trees in your neighborhood. Volunteers are invited to contact Cedarburg Green to learn how to manage the natural areas near their homes. As well, neighbors are encouraged to join with others to explore and care for the trees and natural spaces in Cedarburg. Events include:
Trees of Distinction (Walking Tour throughout Cedarburg)
Garlic Mustard Grabs
Annual Arbor Day Tree Planting at a local schools
Buckthorn Pull
Neighborwood Plantings
Grant Writing for various project

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